F&A transformation

Transformation of F&A from old fashioned bookkeeping to full scope finance function
  • Implemented of business unit controllers structure
  • Implemented shared service concept
Positioning of F&A as reliable and proactive business partner
  • Strongly improved and reliable management information
  • Reliable analyses resulting in proper management decisions


Initiation and implementation of outsourcing strategy of financial positions
  • Scope and planning
  • Management information and analyses
  • Execution of outsourcing
  • Recruitment

Resulted in significant cost savings and quality improvements.

Risk management

Set up and execution of risk management
  • Management information
  • Mitigating actions

Resulted in improved risk assessment and proper correcting actions. Realised significant cost savings.

Working capital improvements

Set up and executed on Credit management;
Increased purchasing power;
Improved cash flow forecasts

Resulted in significant lower DSO and significant better DPO.
Accurate and reliable forecasts.

Executed on cost savings programmes

SG&A related cost savings
  • Scoping, analyses, actions
  • Reporting
  • Embedding in the organisation

Saved millions of Euro’s.

Change management

Change management
  • Implementation of business controllers structure during F&A transformation
  • Implementation Purchase to Pay process
  • Way of working at F&A departments
  • Outsourcing

Resulted in the acceptance and embedding of the changes in the organisation.

Purchase to Pay process, including SAP module

Implementation of Purchase to Pay process
  • Initiated and implemented P2P process
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • SAP module, including workflow

Saved millions of Euro’s through efficiency improvements and increased purchasing power.

Implemented cash management system

Project management
  • European project
  • Selection of bank
  • Legal issues
  • Process design and implementation
  • Implementation of reporting structure

Resulted in significant lower debt position and financing cost. Reduced level of unnecessary idle cash buffers.

Implemented intercompany netting process

Project management
  • European project
  • Legal issues
  • Process design and implementation
  • Implementation of reporting structure

Resulted in significant reduction of external financing requirements finance cost.

Transfer pricing project

Design and documentation of transfer pricing policy

Accounting manual

Initiated, documented and implemented Accounting manual
  • European project
  • Close cooperation with Japanese parent company

Recruitment of financial teams

National en international
  • Right person, right position
  • Quality improvement
  • Synergy and fit with the total organisation
  • Personal development and career opportunities
  • Reduction in number of leavers

Development and coaching of team members

Teacher internal courses
Right person on the right position
Optimal balance between responsibilities and authorization

Resulted in highly motivated and qualified employees.

Euro implementation

Project management European project