Every assignment requires its own way of working or method. That is why it is so extremely important to carefully listen to the client.

The strength of 32a interim management is mainly in the analysis of the organisation, the people and the processes. That analysis forms the basis for the improvement of the financial discipline within the organisation.
The aim is to implement and maintain an efficient and effective financial function that clearly delivers added value to the whole organisation. For example by delivering timely and trustworthy financial information (actual, forecast, budget).

For us it is important that improvements are created from the inside. Employees need to get and to take their responsibility and related tools. It will increase their motivation and will make them focus on the positive developments in their jobs.

32a interim management supports you in making this change. In this process, we focus on the people. We listen very carefully and take the opinion of others into account. We see and hear what is happening in the organisation and we act on it in a diplomatic way. We delegate responsibility where possible while ensuring proper coaching.

An important characteristic of interim assignments is the fact that it is just temporary, most of the times a project with a short time frame. We quickly but thoroughly familiarise ourselves with the situation.
We also pay a lot of attention to a proper knowledge transfer and ensure that the solutions and results will be embedded in the organisation. Project control during and evaluation after the project are obvious elements of the assignment.